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The All-new X series of Vivo Mobile Officially Launched in Pakistan

Vivo mobile has recently launched their premium X series smartphones and lays claim to premium designs, flagship-level performance, and professional-grade photography capabilities to users.

The Vivo-ZEIISS is all set to enhance the experience of mobile photography with its co-engineered image system best-in-class optical lenses, sensors, image processing algorithms, and many other features. What’s interesting about it is that customers can now enjoy camera technologies previously only limited to professional photographers.

In collaboration with  ZEISS, a global leader in optics and optoelectronics, Vivo unveiled the first X series smartphone, the X60 Pro, in Pakistan. 

The merger of ZEISS unique expertise in mobile imaging, lens design, and system integration and Vivo’s miniaturization and differentiation as well as efficiency maximization in imaging, combined with its expertise in imaging software and algorithms can be seen clearly in this series.

What’s all the hype about:

So Vivo and ZEISS have a lot in common. We both value an entrepreneurial spirit and, we both love passionately imaging. Together with Vivo, we strive to develop premium tools for ambitious consumers and photographers who need to realize their creative aspirations. To achieve this goal, we see beyond the limitations of today’s technology,” said Sebastian Doentgen, Head of Product Management and Marketing at ZEISS Group.

ZEISS’ optical designed philosophy paired with Vivo’s entrepreneurial spirit to develop the premium tools for ambitious consumers enabled it to optimize imaging on the X60 series.


  • Gimbal Stabilization 2.0, which stabilizes the image across five axes, allowing for cleaner and clearer motion photography.
  • Pixel Shift Ultra HD Imaging
  • Extraordinary Night Camera 2.0, and Extreme Night Vision 2.0 produce ultra-clear and vibrant images, day and night.
  • VIS 5-Axis Video Stabilization
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor
  • Integrated 5G basebands
  • Ultra-Thin Quad-Curve designs and futuristic aesthetics

Vivo’s X series’ first smartphone, X60 Pro, is available across Pakistan at the price of Rs. 129,999 only



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