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EdTech (Educational Technology)

In response to the educational crisis brought about in Pakistan due to the Covid-19 pandemic, an EdTech (Educational Technology) start-up has recently secured $320,000 in pre-seed funding to help launch and revolutionize Pakistan’s educational sector.

Given that the country is facing multiple crises at home and abroad, a number of which have been ongoing for over a decade now, education has been severely neglected despite successive governments making promises in their election manifestos to deliver quality education as well as to provide education for all in the country.

Edkasa, founded in 2017 by a dynamic husband-and-wife duo, has undertaken this mission to revolutionise and rehabilitate Pakistan’s education sector against the myriad of political and bureaucratic mismanagement. Fahad and Annum, the founders of this start-up, have successfully managed to evolve Edkasa into a textbook based online-learning platform that offers a wide variety of courses and educational services to more than 55,000 students in over 40 schools across Pakistan.

Based on the success of its online course offering, the start-up is now moving to help students prepare for their school exams by offering an online e-prep solution to students who wish to attain high grades. This service is available to students at a very low price, payable on a monthly basis. In comparison to many other tutoring services across Pakistan – Edkasa helps students prepare for 4 subjects at less than half of the average going rate for private tutoring and additional help that any student may opt for.

i2i Ventures led the pre-seed investment round and other funding participants include Walled City Co., Zayn Investors and a number of others representing the South Asian bloc. The lead for this round of funding – i2i Ventures CEO Kalsoom Lakhani stressed the importance of education in Pakistan and how crucial it is to the development of a nation – as well as providing an essential boost to the Pakistani economy in the coming years. Edkasa has already helped thousands of students across Pakistan, with an estimated 250,000 queries handled as well as 1.3 million hours of study materials watched online. It is only a short matter of time that there will be more EdTech start-ups entering the digital education foray in Pakistan, paving the way for a digital transformation of the country.



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