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Pakistan partners with Amazon seller’s list

Pakistan Partner up with amazon seller’s list Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, has formally superimposed Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the list of its approved sellers. this implies Pakistanis have access to the world’s largest on-line market where they will sell their merchandise and, if they tumble right, produce a fortune. it’s a huge accomplishment for our E-Commerce & will open up large opportunities for a replacement breed of young men & women entrepreneurs. we tend to tend to congratulate everyone involved,” the commerce advisor wrote.

Abdul Razzaq Dawood in addition shared a message from Amazon International businessperson Services vp Eric Broussard World Health Organization said Amazon is wanting forward to operative with Pakistani entrepreneurs.

“We square measure engaged with Amazon since last year and presently it’s happening, he added. “It could also be a pleasant probability for our youth, SMEs and women entrepreneurs… it is a rattling probability for our youth, SMEs and women entrepreneurs,”  Dawood wrote. The commerce consultant superimposed that Amazon’s listing was an important milestone of the government’s e-commerce policy, that had been achieved through cooperation by several folks across the planet. With the arrival of Amazon in Islamic Republic of West Pakistan, job opportunities in Islamic Republic of West Pakistan will increase and small and enormous business householders square measure ready to am passionate about it, that will be a welcome development, said Muhammad Adeel, e-Commerce and digital media manager. “e-commerce sector can boom,” he added.

The ministry said that Pakistani manufacturers would gain access to a worldwide e-commerce platform with Amazon and would possibly|it’d|it would} open up a replacement chapter of the provision chain where Pakistani manufacturers might sell on to customers. “This marks the accomplishment of a milestone of the National e-Commerce Policy, and is that the end result of sustained engagement with Amazon since the half-moon of 2019,” it said. “The listing will encourage manufacturers to work back from consumer desires, vogue new merchandise, provide top of the range at competitive prices and in addition access new market segments,” it said. The ministry said that Eric Broussard, vp, Amazon International businessperson Services, said in his message that by connecting with and forming an area of the planet e-Commerce network, “an wonderful probability has been created for Pakistani entrepreneurs”.



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