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Pakistan as a vacation destination remains unknown to the remainder of the planet . Although it offers a good range of various landscapes like the ocean , deserts, the very best mountains within the world and places of historical interest.With its centuries of migration and invasion, Pakistan is exclusive mixture of various cultures and ways of life. The territory that constitutes Pakistan is taken into account a cradle of civilization that was previously home to many ancient cultures, including the Mehrgarh of the Neolithic and therefore the Bronze Age Indus Valley Civilization, and later home to kingdoms ruled by people of various faiths and cultures, including Hindus, Indo-Greeks,

Fairy Meadows

 named by German climbers (German Märchenwiese, “fairy tale meadows”) and regionally referred to as Joot, could be a parcel close to one in all the bottom camp sites of the Nanga Parbat, set in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Fairy Meadows is approachable by a 15 kilometer-long jeepable trek ranging from Rakhiot bridge on Karakoram route to the village Tato.[5][8][9] the damaging and slender gravel mountain road from the bridge to the village is simply hospitable locals, UN agency give transportation to guests. Currently, the value for a machine into the meadows is around eight,000 rupees ($51), and walking the road is prohibited. Lucky it’s doable to separate the value with different travellers.

Hunza Valley:

Hunza vale could be a mountainous space in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan. Hunza was erst a princely state, bordering China to the north-east and Pamir to its northwest, that survived till 1974, once it absolutely was dissolved by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. The state boxed the Gilgit Agency to the south, the previous princely state of Nagar to the east. The metropolis was the city of Baltit (also identified asKarimabad) and its recent settlement is Ganish Village. Hunza was Associate in Nursing freelance princedom for over 900 years. British people gained management of Hunza and also the close vale of Nagar between 1889 and 1892 followed by a military engagement of severe intensity. The then Thom (Prince) Mir Safdar Ali Khan of Hunza fled to Kashghar in China and sought-after what may be referred to as political asylum. The ruling family of Hunza is termed Ayeshe (heavenly), from the subsequent circumstance. the 2 states of Hunza and Nagar were erst one, dominated by a branch of the Shahreis, the ruling family of Gilgit, whose seat of presidency was Nagar. Tradition relates that Mayroo Khan, apparently the primary Muslim Thum ofNagar some two hundred years when the introduction of the faith of Islam to Gilgit, married a female offspringFrom the previous the current ruling family of Nager is descended. The twins area unit aforesaid to possess shown hostility to 1 another from birth.


 Though it’s had a rough past, the current and way forward for Swat vale area unit shining terribly bright. This beautiful vale within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan are a few things straight out of a fairy tale. Think bright inexperienced fields and forests, picturesque villages, and rivers self-praise reminder blue therefore clear and bright you wouldn’t have thought them real! The true great thing about Swat may be found round the city of Kalam, that is a base to the explore the wonder of the vale.

Passu Cones :

The Passu Cathedral could be a natural work of art and one in all the foremost recognizable scenes in Pakistan. although staying nightlong in Passu village is not any longer allowed, the cones area unit visible from a ways in which away, ranging from the village of Gulmit. the foremost painting read of the Cathedral is from the Karakoram route, concerning Associate in Nursing hour’s drive from Gilgit town.

 Attabad Lake

A lake that doesn’t look real… Even once you’re standing right before of it. Attabad was born out of tragedy once a colossal landslide occurred in 2010. The flow of the Hunza stream was blocked, and also the now-famous lake was created in its wake. Its bright-blue turquoise waters create the it one in all the foremost lovely places in Pakistan.

HINGOL parkland

 Hingol parkland is technically in Pakistan, however it’s additional sort of a Martian planet! The park is over six,000-square-kilometres and contains unbelievably distinctive rock formations, huge canyons, varied animal species, and even a mud volcano. What’s additional, a part of the parkland hugs the coast, adding the ocean to any or all its different assets. although all out-of-this-world in its appearance, Hingol is simply three.5 hours from Karachi, Pakistan’s most inhabited town. Pakistanis shouldn’t have any drawback getting into the park, however foreigners have had mixed experiences. Some UN agency were in the middle of locals are ready to pay a night/ weekend within the park, whereas others were solely given day permission. there’s no transport to the park, therefore having access to your own transportation could be a should .


The Kalash Valleys, comprised of Bumboret, Rumbur, and Birir, area unit home to the Kalash individuals, a non secular and ethnos in Pakistan with their own beliefs, culture and language. The valleys they board area unit definitely a number of the foremost lovely places in Pakistan – not only for their natural splendour, however additionally for the wonder of the Kalash themselves. The vale of Rumbur is especially beautiful. Here, kilometres of dirty road and mountains rumble aboard the Kalash stream. The Kalash individuals board picket homes that hold tight the high hills, and also the ladies area unit significantly notable for his or her brightly-coloured ancient dress and headwear that differs from the rest one will notice in Pakistan. Being solely a pair of.5 hours from Chitral town, it’s terribly simple to create it bent on one in all the valleys of late. If you are doing plan to head to Rumbur, take daily to trek all the method into the vale. The last settlement of Rumbur, Sheikhandeh, could be a former Nuristani village whose inhabitants migrated across the border to Pakistan many hundred years agone.


At nearly four,600 metres (15,397 feet), this widespread traveller attraction connects Pakistan with China to create the best sealed border crossing within the world. Many people venture to the border to require photos at the official gate, that is encircled by insanely tall peaks and grassy fields. As for transport, it’s best to travel here together with your own vehicle as bus tickets will get expensive. For audacious travellers, hitchhiking is additionally Associate in Nursing possibility, because it is on a lot of of the Karakoram route.



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