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Crochet bottle holder:


70 yards DK weight yarn

Size H / 5mm crochet hook, or any size required to obtain gauge.

Tapestry Needle

Project Level

Simple: Work in the round with basic stitches One round of single crochet in front.


The bottom is approximately 3 inches in diameter. You can adjust the height.


It is not necessary to measure exactly. You can use pattern as a gauge swatch. The bottom circle should measure 3 inches in diameter.

You can adjust the gauge as you need, but if your project is much larger or smaller than you originally intended, you might want to use a smaller or bigger yarn.

Use abbreviations

(Pattern is in US terms.
ch = Chain
sc = single crochet
Fpsc = Front Post Single Crochet
Double crochet = dc
ch sp = Chain Space
st(s), = stitch(es).
Slip stitch = sl st
Round = rnd


Bottom Circle

Rnd 1Join by ch 2, 6 sc in the 2nd ch from hook. (6 sc).

Rnd 2Ch 1, turn, 2 sc each st, join. (12 sc).

Rnd 3Ch 1, turn, 2 sc into first st (sc to next st 2 sc to next st), 5 times, sc to last st. Join. (18 sc).

Rnd 4Ch 1, turn, sc the first 2 sts. (2 sc next st. sc next 2 sts.) 5 times. 2 sc last st. Join. (24 sc).

Rnd 5Ch 1, turn, 2 sc into first st (scin next 3 sts and 2 scin next st), 5 times, scin last 3 sts. (30 sc).

Rnd 6Ch 1, turn, sc the first 2 sts. (2 sc next st. sc next 4 sts.) 5 times. 2 sc next st. sc last 2 sts. Join. 36 sc

Rnd 7Ch 1, turn, fpsc every st around. 36 sts


The dc count for round 3 is Ch 3. Make a sl-st in the top of each ch-3 to join rounds.

Rnd 8Ch 3, turn, dc into next st. ch 1, then skn next st. (dc to next 2 sts. ch 1, then skn next st.) Around, join. (12 ch-1 SPs, 24 dc)

Rnd 9Turn, sl-st in the first ch-1 SP, ch 3. Dc in the same sp. Ch 1, sk 2 dc. (2 dcin next ch-1 SP, ch 1), sk 2 dc around, join. (12 ch-1 SPs, 24 dc).

Continue the last row 11 times until your work is approximately 6 inches high or your desired height. It will stretch significantly if it is heavier than a full water bottle. Don’t fasten it.


The strap will stretch as you gain weight. You can reduce the length of your strap by knotting it.

Row 1:Ch 1, turn, sl-st in the first ch-1 SP, ch 150, or to your desired length, sk 12 sts, 5 ch-1 Sps, and sc in the next ch-1 Sp.

Row 2:Turn, Ch 1, sc in the back bump of each cross ch, then sl st in the same sp at beginning of strap.

Secure all ends and fasten.

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