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Crochet Carry Bag

SIZES One size. Measurements for finished products: Approx 14″ depth and 24″, circumference (12″ at top, 131/2″ at base).

MATERIALS Provence, Classic Elite (100% mercerized Egyptian wool; 100 gram hank = approx 205yds) * 3 hanks 26627 French Red Cross Crochet Hooks * One size USG/6 (4 mm), or size needed for gauge.

GAUGE 18 rows and 20 sts = 4″ in single crochet. Save time and check your gauge.



beg: begin(ning).

ch: Crochet stitches

dc crochet stitches


Round (s): rnd(s).

RS: Right side

sc – See crochet stitches

Sl st: See crochet stitches



st(s), st(es),


YO: Yarn over Hook

TEXT: VSTITCH (V-st). Work [dc], Ch 2, dc] to make the same st.

NOTES – Bags start with a rectangular foundation. Sts are placed around the base and then worked in the rnd. Slit handles are part of the design.

Base Ch.

Row1 : (RS ) Sc into the 2nd ch from hook. Then, in each ch, turn 56 sc.

Rows 2-10: Ch 1, (doesn’t add up to a st), turn-56 sc.


You can work sts around the base’s edges as follows:

Rnd 1. (RS). Ch 1 (doesn’t add to a st), rotate base 90o; work 9 sc equally along the long edge of the base; work 56 sc at the base’s edge; rotate 90o; work 9 and 9 sc together; rotate work90o; work 9 and 9 sc equally along each side edge.

Rnd 2, Ch 1, sc each sc about, sl to join first sc.

Rnd 3 (counts as the dc), Ch 2 (sk first SC, dc every sc approximately–130 DC).

Rnd 4 Ch 2 (counts for dc), Sk first dc, dc every other dc.

Begin Brick Pattern: Also, see chart Rnd 2, sl st to first ch-2 (i.e. center of firstV-st), and ch 4, which counts as tr. *work 5 times into next Ch-2 sp. Rep from * around. Sl st to top of beg CH-4 to join. Rnd 3. Sl st to the next 2 DC, ch 5 (counts in the same dc as ch-2), *sk4 tr, Vst in the next tr. Rep from * around, and then sl st to the third ch. You can repeat rnds 3 and 2 six more times.


Rnd 1 Ch 1 (doesn’t count for a st), work 2 scs in the next ch-2, sc* in next DC, *scin* next DC, rep from *around, sl to the first sc–104 SC. Rnds 1-5: Ch 1, sc into each sc around and sl to join. Rnd 6 (Ch 1): sc into the previous rnd. sc next 17 scs, ch 16, and sk16 ch. sc next 36 chs, ch 16, and sk16 sc. sc last 18 sc. sl st into 1st sc to connect. Rnd 7 is Ch 1, sc each sc and turn around, then sl to join the first sc–104. Rnds 8-11 Fasten off. FINISHING Block to measure if necessary.

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