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Crochet Rectangle

Easy Crochet has a selection of crochet patterns that I have created.Crochet rectangle squares 7” x9”These are great to donate to Warm up America. You will find square number five in this collection. This can be made with leftover yarn, yarn scraps, or even a brand new skein.

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Crochet Stitches for Rectangle Pattern

Half Double Crochet:

Insert hook from the front to the back of the stitch you are working on, then YO (yarnover) and grab a loop.

Pull back through all three loops of the hook.

Back Loop Single Crochet

It was the same as regular sc, but the back loop is not used.

A row of regular single crochet stitches is followed by a row with hdcs to create the rectangle pattern. The rows that follow are completed with back loop single crochets, followed by a row containing hdc stitches.

Skill Level: Simple


Any four- or five-weight yarn ( provided that the gauge is met).

5.5mm crochet hook ( , or the size of the hook required to obtain gauge).


Yarn needle ( for weaving in ends).

Measurement tape

Final Size

7” x9”

Crochet stitch abbreviations

ch = Chain

Hdc = Half Double Crochet

bl = back loop

sc= single crochet

st = stitch

Rep = Repeat

The Pattern

To start:Ch 18

Row 1:Turn by making a sc in the second ch after the hook. (17)

Row 2:Ch 1, hdc to the row 1 end *hdc to each st along ending with a turn. (17)

Row 3:Ch 1, sc to bl in the row 2 last st, sc to bl into every st across, and turn.

Row 4 – 19,Rep rows 2 and 3

Final:Pull yarn through the last stitch, then cut and weave loose ends using a yarn needle.

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