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Crochet Scrunchies

This scrunchie is perfect for those who love easy crochet patterns.

The messy bun beanie is also a great option. It uses a hair tie to create the base.

Uses a beginner-friendly stitch!

Only the best ingredients are used to make this scrunchieSimple double crochetIt is also known as the DC! You can crochet this stitch if you have the ability.

You can!

Skill Level : Simple


Terry Spun – IceAny bulky 5 yarn

Frost Basic Stitch anti-pilling Any yarn of medium weight

Crochet hook – 5mm H

Yarn needle


Hair tie


SC = Single Crochet

Double Crochet = DC

SL ST = Slip Stitch


In standard US terms

DC Tutorial can be found Here.

This tutorial shows you how to attach yarn to your hair tie.

Steps to Pattern

This entire pattern is made with two strands at a time: Terry spun and Basic Stitch.

To begin:Use an SC to attach yarn to a hair tie. This video tutorial will show you how to attach yarn to a hair tie with an SC.HereIf you need assistance with this section, please see the tutorial picture below.

DC about 150 times more or less. The yarn should “scrunch up” once it has dried. This amount will vary depending on the size and shape of your hair tie. This part is up to you.

NextSL ST to the top of first DC of the round.

Final:Finish the pattern by fastening the yarn. Then, use a yarn needle for loose ends to be woven in securely.

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