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Crochet Wrist

These crochet wrist warmers are very easy to make. These are perfect to pair with our matching cowl, hat, and cowl to create a complete ensemble.

If you’ve never crocheted wristwarmers before, this is the perfect place to begin. It’s easy to repeat and they are quick to make, giving you almost instant gratification.

Things You’ll Need:

Approx 60 yards; Red Heart Colorscape(Colorway pictured Munich

6 mmCrochet Hook




BLOOnly Available in the Back Loop


CLCluster Stitch**

HdcCrochet with Half Double Crochet



RemThe rest

Sc.Single crochet

Sc2togSingle crochet two together


YOYarn Over Hook


6.5 sts, 10 rounds = 4″ in clustered crochet pattern.

(Rounds 4, 5 and 5 are the basis of the clustered-stitch pattern.


Row 1Ch 23(25). 1 sc into 2nd chfrom hk and in all To avoid twisting, fold row and join by slst (to the first sc). Secure bottom edge with yarn needle and slip knot tail

Rounds 2-3Ch. 1 sc into the BLO in the same st. as ch. 1 sc to each rem. St. Join with one slst for the first sc.

Round 4Ch. 1 hdc, same st. as ch. *Ch 1; sk the first st. CL in subsequent. Reply from * to last two sts. CL in second to final st. CH 1, sk last St. Join with an slst for first hdc.

Round 5Ch. 1 sc every CL. st. Begin with a Slst until you get your first sc.

Keep going:Rep round 4 & 5 a total 3(4) more times

Instructions only: Right Hand Warmer Thumb

Next RoundCh. 1 hdc, same st. as ch. *Ch 1, sk 1 st, CL next. Continue with * 7(8) more times. Ch 4(5). Sk 3 sts. CL in next step. Ch 1, sk the first st. Join by a slst until you reach Hdc.

Instructions for left hand wrist warmer thumb only

Next RoundCh. 1 doesn’t count towards the st. Hdc in same ST as ch. *Ch 1, sk in one st. CL next. Ch 4(5). Sk 3 sts. CL in next. *Ch 1. Ask one st. CL in the next. Start with * and work your way down.

Continue for both Left and Right Hand Wrist Warmers

Next roundCh 1. 1 sc in each CL st. 3 sc into the next chspace. 1 sc every CL ST and every ch-1 space until the end of the round. Begin by joining with a single slst to the first sc.

Next 2 RoundsCh 1. Ch 1. Fasten off and weave in ends.

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