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How to Frog in crochet?

Frogging refers to the act of pulling or ripping out a project, stitch by stitch.

We’ve all been there. We started a project out of ambition or inspiration one day, but as time went by, we grew tired or lost love with the project.

It’s something I have done many times.

The “why” behind “frogging”

Frogs are not responsible for pulling out stitches. Where did the term “frogging”, come from? It’s really silly.

We “rip it, cut it” each and every stitch as we disassemble our projects. It sounds a lot like “rip it!rip it!”


This silly similarity is what led to the invention of the term “frogging”

It was my experience. Do you have any?

We often frog our projects byhand.PullingWe freeze our projects one stitch at time. This is often done for an entire project, or a large part of it (usually after making a huge error or losing interest).

As if the idea of frogging an entire program wasn’t bad enough, we find out that it is all worse. The. yarn All over.

There is no order, neatness, or mercy. We frog, and the yarn flies. You’ve probably found yourself in a ramen-noodle-like pile before. After making an error that I couldn’t accept, I spent 30 minutes frogging the entire project. The yarn pile got tangled up during my frogging session. I spent thirty more minutes untangling the yarn and winding it into a ball by hand. This is not how I would like to spend an entire hour.

This is the end of my time spent frogging, winding, and wasting precious time. It’s much easier to do everything at once.

Your “frogging machine!”

These yarn winders can be purchased at Michaels and Joann’s as well as Hobby Lobby, Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon.

If you have received any value through this post or other posts that I’ve published, and wish to give back, I would suggest purchasing your winder via my Amazon affiliate link. You will receive a small commission on your purchase at no extra cost. It’s a win-win situation for both of us if you intend to purchase your winder online.

Thank you for considering doing this!

Frogging is my favorite thing. It’s almost like an Undo button in real-life! I can return all my yarn in almost perfect condition if I make a mistake or decide my yarn is better for another purpose. You can do the same with watercolors.

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