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Tools For Crochet

When I had only two crochet hooks and a few skeins, I was just starting to crochet. These two materials are sufficient to get you started in crochet. You will need to have more tools and be prepared if you want to crochet as a hobby, passion, or business.


You will need yarns and hooks to get started crocheting.

These are my favourite yarns that I have ever worked with.

Red Heart Yarns=Super Saver

Lion Brand Yarns=Ice cream yarn

Premier Yarns=Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted

Crochet hooks

You can save money and time by purchasing a set of crochet hooks in a variety sizes.

2. 2. Flexible tape measure

A measuring tape is essential for every crocheter to check the gauge and determine the right size of their project. You can easily find a ruler or tape measure. Flexible tape measures are perfect for measuring straight and round.

3. Stitch Markers

This is why I placed stitch markers in third position. These cute and small stitch markers will be your best friend every time you need to mark your stitches.

4. Scissors

A pair of scissors is necessary to cut the yarn. Many crocheters prefer to have a small, but beautiful pair of scissors.

5. 5.

You will need to weave ends in order to complete your crochet project

7. Yarn Storage

Every crochet lover like me would love a well-organized craft area and plenty of yarn storage.

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